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Our value: 
  • Never compromise on design safety, integrity, efficiency, and reliability.
    Give reasonable design and never sell customer more than they need.
    Give help whenever customer call .
    Never stop trying to refine our solutions.
   Since 1990, Hanna Technology have grown into a star company in powder coating field. From simple hand coating through to fully automated powder coating, We are capable of offering our clients perfectly cost-effective, reasonable, advanced solutions. With Hanna’s proud technology, you will have your best painting device and system line.
Hanna Technology keeps impressive records on serving clients like small manufacturers, government project, global corporation. Many projects finished all over the world, including United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, New Zealand, Bulgaria, Croatia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia , Iraq, Morocco, Cyprus, Kenya, Nigeria, Mauritius, Thailand, Ecuador, Chile,and so on.
Hanna’s proud catalogue: manual powder coating machine, automated powder coating line,spray painting equipment,pretreatment system,drying oven,powder spray gun,reciprocator,fast automated color change equipment,powder coating booth, powder recovery equipment,conveyor chains,curing oven, etc. All pieces are widely used on the applications of vehicle industry, household items, office equipment, machine industry, metal fabrication and so on.
1. Hanna get a strong team to rock your core, including coating system designers, powder and chemistry experts, control systems engineers, installation technicians and experienced trainers. With Hanna’s powerful team support, you would not have to worry.
2. All painting solutions from Hanna Technology is individually designed to meet our clients on personal. To ensure you get what exactly you need, our factory-authorized technician team will help you work through all the details straight to your target. Start  from first design straight to shipment, Hanna would take care of all, moreover, we give help on installation, fine-tuning work, and training job until your system ready to go.
3. Hanna Technology never stop moving forward in painting field, we keep linking to the top gun field from the West, try to refine our work. Our goal is try to optimize design for clients with best cost effective idea, and power up their competitiveness as much as we can. 

Our Advantages

*Pollution free operation.
*Safe to operate.
*Maximum recovery efficiency.
*Quick colour change.
1,Hanna intelligent gun, unique circuit board design, Complete solve the problem of workpiece powder grooves on the dead angle, groove with powder.
2,Hanna unique to the wind system which make the effective temperature difference control furnace temperature fluctuate 3 ℃, ensure that products without color difference,coating dose not fall off.
3,Hanna big cyclone recovery system powder recovery rate as high as99.2%,ensure no dust spillover.Unique fast color change powder supply center, change color only 10 to 15 minutes.

Our Services

* Professional Design 
 * Professional Scheme 
 * Professional Installation
 * The warranty period of the equipment is two years, and any quality problems will occur during the quality guarantee period. Our company will replace the original equipment (parts) free of charge.The quality assurance period will provide the life service after the expiration.
 * Within 24 hours after receiving service demand, by technical staff, has a rich experience by phone, email, video and other forms to provide project consulting, fault diagnosis and other instructional technology services, to achieve customer satisfaction. 

Product After Sale Management System

* Training operation and maintenance personnel in organization;
* Tracking understand and maintenance of mechanical equipment performance and use effect;
* Assist customers to manage the production process and select the specification of process management;
* Providing vulnerable parts at the factory price;
* Lifetime after-sales service;
* If equipment failure, in 24 hours (provincial) to solve the problem, and do a good record;
* Two year warranty, lifelong repair.
Heating source system, Combustion unit
Heating Sources: natural gas / liquefied gas / diesel / electricity / coal / biological particles and so on,optional.
Our burner is fast heating, high efficiency and be equipped with proportional adjustment, frequency conversion.
The reaction signal of the probe is automatically adjusted to the amount of fire, the temperature of the furnace is kept consistent and the temperature difference is controlled within ±3°.
The layout of the air supply  reasonable, the furnace temperature should be uniform and the quality of the product is well stabilized.
Pretreatment system
Types: Immersion / spraying optional 
Customized design based on quality requirements: washing, chemical degreasing, chemical rust removal, phosphating, etching, shot blasting. 
Large cyclone fast automatic color change spray booth
Our color change powder supply center can achieves fast color change in 10 minutes, large cyclone powder recovery system, powder recovery rate is up to 99.2%, to ensure that there is no powder spillover outside the spray booth.
Quick assembly filter recovery spray booth
Our filter recycling powder spray booth is designed with cylinders, convenient for
customers to quickly disassemble and change color, so that it improves work efficiency and will be your good choice.

Curing oven system
Divided into bridge type curing oven and tunnel curing oven.
The tunnel curing oven effectively solves the problem of insufficient workshop height,
The tunnel furnace we produce has a wind curtain at both ends and the temperature of the furnace won’t dissipate to the out, which saves the fuel. This is our patent.
The curing oven we produce saves fuel and saves your production. Curing oven insulation boards are all plug-in boards, seamless docking, heat bridge transfer technology.

Chain conveyor system: 
The rail can be divided into 150 rails ≤ 30KG, 250 rails ≤ 50KG (single point lifting)
1,The drive unit in our high-end conveyor system uses a drive with a torque limiter. When the conveyor goes wrong, it can automatically stop. After the malfunction is removed, it can be restarted.
2,If the rail length is less than 180 meters, it will be driven by a single drive device. If the track is more than 180 meters, we recommend the double drive device. If the rail length exceeds 180 meters with a single drive device, then the track, chain, and tension parts will be problematic. We are at your point of view, providing you with the best design for saving time, labor, and long-term cost savings.

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