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Manual Quick Color Change Solution
The Hanna powder coating line manual quick color change solution will reduce production stagnation time
Power And Free Overhead Conveyor Line
Our factory successfully developed a double line design of the full automatic powder coating production line

Automatic fast color change solution
Hanna patented technology: The powder supply filter center has steel mesh support to extend the service life
Since 1990,Hanna delivering the best powder coating equipment and turn-key solutions for you.
  • Aug
    Application range of sandblasting machine

    Application range of sandblasting machine I. Pretreatment. Plating, painting, spraying and all covered processing before sandblasting treatment, the surface is absolutely clean, while greatly improving the coverage had adhesion and corrosion resistance. Second, cleaning. Casting parts, sta

  • Apr
    To ensure the safe use of equipment, what are the daily maintenance of the spraying production line

    The purpose of maintenance of the spraying production line is to maintain the integrity and safe use of the equipment, and to ensure the safety and production quality of the spraying production line. Daily maintenance of spraying production line1. Power distribution cabinet: check whether the indica

  • Apr
    The process of electrostatic spraying equipment measures the pros and cons from five aspects

    1. Functional aspect-The design level of the electrostatic spray line is the most critical link.The elements that reflect the function are: the selected coating process and the plane layout are reasonable, there is sufficient process adjustment flexibility, the logistics and the flow of people are s

  • Apr
    Introduction of drying room in spraying production line

    The drying room is generally equipped with a circulating fan and an exhaust fan. The circulating fan draws air from the drying room, and then sends it back to the drying room after being heated by the heating device (heater or heat exchanger). The exhaust fan removes the solvent vapor and oil fume g

  • Apr
    What are the main factors affecting the price of a fully automatic painting equipment production line

    With the development of science and technology, companies are paying more and more attention to automation. In the spraying industry, fully automatic painting equipment is more and more favored by companies. Then, what are the main factors that affect the price of a fully automatic painting equipmen



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