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  • Aug
    Application range of sandblasting machine

    Application range of sandblasting machine I. Pretreatment. Plating, painting, spraying and all covered processing before sandblasting treatment, the surface is absolutely clean, while greatly improving the coverage had adhesion and corrosion resistance. Second, cleaning. Casting parts, sta

  • Apr
    What are the main factors affecting the price of a fully automatic painting equipment production line

    With the development of science and technology, companies are paying more and more attention to automation. In the spraying industry, fully automatic painting equipment is more and more favored by companies. Then, what are the main factors that affect the price of a fully automatic painting equipmen

  • May
    Two types powder coating booth

    PVC is Insulating and non-conductive material ,The electrostatic powder forms a light and thin layer on the surface of the material, which has a rebound effect on the electrostatic powder afterwards, effectively avoiding powder accumulation. easy to clean, save time and labor; the booth is contained

  • Sep
    What problems should be paid attention to during the spraying process?

    In the spraying project, the surface of the spray fan should be perpendicular to the surface of the coating. When the gun is manually operated, the width of each spray gun should not be too large. Otherwise, the coating will be uneven. The direction of the spray gun should always be parallel to the

  • Sep
    Do you know the details of the need to pay attention to the purchase of spray equipment?

    Nowadays, coating equipment is widely used in the modern application of the coating industry. Many spray processing manufacturers choose the spraying equipment because their performance and scope of application are not very clear. For this Hebei Hanna Technology has compiled some information to shar

  • Sep
    Explain the advantages of the powder spray room in environmentally friendly spray equipment

    As we all know, the most important part of the environmental protection spray equipment process is powder spraying. The industry uses high-pressure electrostatic spray guns for coating. The powder coating is sprayed by electrostatic spray guns to become negatively charged particles. Under the action

  • Sep
    Hanna box type curing oven features

    1. Based on customer needs, provide the corresponding optimal design2. Fine workmanship, comprehensive analysis of customer cost budget and capacity requirements.3. Comprehensive analysis of workpiece weight, size, shape and other factors, design the best size.4, Excellent durability and reliability

  • Sep
    Analyze common problems in coating production lines

    Analyze common problems in powder coating production linesVarious problems often occur in the application process of loading production lines. Below, Hanna Technology will give you a general analysis:1. Improper design of conveying equipment: From the design point of view, there are many ways to co

  • Sep
    Advantages of electrostatic powder coating

    It is said that electrostatic spray is better, where is it better? Below Hanna Technology to analyze for everyone! !First, electrostatic spray molding has excellent film properties: as long as the powder coating is directly sprayed onto the surface of the pre-treated MDF sheet, after baking, a coati

  • Sep
    What should be paid attention to in the application of spraying line

    Spraying equipment plays a big role in our lives. What problems should we pay attention to when using spray equipment? Let's discuss it together.1. According to actual needs, such as the size, shape, daily output and other parameters of the target workpiece, select the most suitable electrostatic sp

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