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Hebei Hanna metal technology 
 Economic and Technology Development Zone, Shijiazhuang city, Hebei Province, China
 +86-186 3213 8668 (Mark Lee)


  • Q Are you a trader or a factory?

    A We are manufacturer and exporter.
    Our own factory was found in 1990,Our exporter offer was established in 2014.
  • Q What should I provide if interested in your powder coating equipment ?

    A A.The material/sizeMax/weightMaxof your workpiece.
    B.How many of your daily output(one day=8hours,one month=30days)?
    C.What heating power do you prefer: electric, gas, diesel or coal?
    D.The size of your factory(length, width and height)?
  • Q How to ensure the quality of the equipment?

    A A,We have hundreds of patents and passed the IS9001:2015 quality management system certification.
    B,The Technical Review Committee,  reasonably determines and divides the stages of design, production, 
    installation and commissioning, and formulates detailed progress plans for each stage
     Strengthen the quality 
    assurance system and quality protection measures of equipment  manufacturing department. 

    C,We manning quality inspectors specially to control the processing quality of product strictly.
  • Q How to install equipment after purchasing your equipment?

    A A,We will provide installation information and installation videos
    B,Our engineers will guide the installation and run the equipment. 
    C,After the debugging, will provide complete training and track customer device usage.
  • Q How is your company's after-sales service done?


    A,Provide the list of consumables to assist customers in establishing a comprehensive equipment maintenance system.
    B,After the equipment is delivered to the customer, our company will send professionals to track the customer equipment for 60 days.
    C,If customer has a device failure in the process of using the device, our company will operate the device remotely through the computer network through the authorization given by the customer, and eliminate all equipment failure problems.
    D,Any problems with the equipment, our company guarantees to give solutions within 12 hours.

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