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Visual automatic programming robot

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HANNA company only focus on powder spraying (painting) robots.

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Visual automatic programming: the use of visual sensors can automatically identify and extract the position and contour characteristics of the workpiece, and at the same time, automatically generate the spraying program according to the spraying process expert system and preset spraying rules. The whole process does not require manual intervention. Realize "unmanned programming"

Visual Automatic Programming Robot 1

1,The robot vision system is started to automatically form the running track, the shape recognition system of the product appearance is started, and the spraying track program is automatically generated.

2,It also includes a module for production management with statistics and usage data of the robot. All the robots are supplied with a touch-screen industrial PC, to obtain a practical and intuitive management of all the machine’s functions.

3,In the case of this product's visual automatic recognition operation, the perfect combination of all mechanical parts, pneumatic parts, electrical parts, electronic components and HANNA ROBOTICS software applications guarantees a very high level of results.

4,Conveyor I/O management with dedicated PLC controller

Deeply customized to the specific painting line

Integrated with LeCRob Robot Manager

Multiple robots interfacing

Production logs

Integration with ERP or MES system

Synoptic views

Remote supervision of loading area with IPCAM


Profiled user access

Remote  support through internet

Visual Automatic Programming Robot 2

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