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  • Oct
    Heat calculation for powder coating oven
    Heat calculation for powder coating ovenThe basic of the powder coating oven design is to find out the necessary heat. Need to calculate the heating up time (from the start of the switch to the time to reach the temple temperature) sweep heat, the necessary heat per hour during production operation,
  • Oct
    What is the role of additives in the production process of powder coatings
    What is the role of additives in the production process of powder coatingsColorful and diverse, coloring tools are also very much, for this point many people are clear, different colors, for the material workpiece are very important, powder coating production process among the additives are also ver
  • Oct
    Powder coating storage, construction environment, light loss phenomenon and treatment Storage of powder
    Powder coating storage, construction environment, light loss phenomenon and treatmentStorage of powder The storage of powder has a great influence on its quality. The storage of powder will generally be in a ventilated and dry place, and the temperature of the storage space should not exceed 3
  • Oct
    Metal pretreatment cleanliness testing method
    Metal pretreatment cleanliness testing methodIn simple terms, the role played by metal degreasing is to remove the dirt accumulated on the metal surface during previous operations and to prepare it for subsequent operations. Cleaning metals involves not only the selection of the type of degre
  • Sep
    Notes on the use of electrostatic spraying equipment
    In the use of electrostatic spraying equipment often happens some big or small accidents, how to avoid this aspect of the accident? First, most of them are caused by the failure of grounding and forming an insulated state. The conductive objects in the coating room must be clearly disti
  • Sep
    Electrostatic spraying production line equipment maintenance
    A. Daily inspection and maintenance1、Distribution cabinet: check the indicator, button and meter of the distribution cabinet should be intact and in normal working condition; there is no metal or all debris not related to the equipment in the distribution cabinet, check whether the lines are broken,
  • Sep
    Safety management of electrostatic spray gun spraying
    1, high-voltage electrostatic generator must be grounded wire.High-voltage electrostatic generator ground wire is the basic safety operation, electrostatic spray gun ground wire is also taken from the high-voltage electrostatic generator, so it should be confirmed that the ground is actually grounde
  • Sep
    Electrostatic spraying powder recovery device level details
    A, the principle of spraying recovery deviceElectrostatic powder spraying recovery device from the environmental protection equipment in the dust removal device, its basic function is to achieve the two-phase separation of gas and solid mixed fluid, the difference is that the solid phase of the dust
  • Sep
    Why Particle Size Testing is Needed for Electrostatic Spray Powder Coatings
    Specific effects of particle size distribution on the performance of electrostatic spraying powder coatings. 1. Appearance, leveling Generally speaking, the smaller the particle size of the powder, the better the leveling of the coating curing, the appearance of the coating film will
  • Sep
    Technical requirements of powder coating for electrostatic spraying process
    The significant difference between powder coatings and solvent-based coatings is the different dispersion media. In solvent-based coatings, organic solvents are used as the dispersion medium; in powder coatings, purified compressed air is used as the dispersion medium. Powder coatings are dispersed
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