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Electrostatic spraying production line equipment maintenance

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A. Daily inspection and maintenance

1、Distribution cabinet: check the indicator, button and meter of the distribution cabinet should be intact and in normal working condition; there is no metal or all debris not related to the equipment in the distribution cabinet, check whether the lines are broken, various electrical components are set correctly and the operation status should be normal.

2, cleaning agency: check whether the pipeline is leaking, each water circulation motor and pump has no strange sound, motor surface temperature test, the upper top exhaust fan work should be normal.

3、Drying and curing drying channel: check the working state of the burner, circulating fan with no abnormal noise, motor surface temperature test, the work of the top exhaust fan should be normal.

4, conveyor belt: check the drive device motor for noise, temperature test, v-belt wear; reducer running state check, gear oil oil volume check, gear and chain meshing condition check, there can be no pile of chain phenomenon; chain lubrication condition check, if found chain dry, should be timely refilled with high temperature resistant lubricating oil.

5, both sides of the gun horizontal and vertical guide lubrication inspection, cold dryer pressure and radiator inspection.

 Second, monthly maintenance

1, the distribution cabinet: regular cleaning of the distribution cabinet, each terminal tightening, contactors, relays and other action contacts check, there is no ablation, bad products repair or replacement of new products.

2, the body: regular use megohmmeter shaking test motor insulation resistance of the three pairs of ground, to eliminate the motor to ground short circuit fault, so as to avoid danger; regular use of clamp-on ammeter to detect the three-phase motor current balance, to avoid the motor is out of phase work and damage to the motor; pipeline inspection for loosening, timely tightening; pump body and transmission mechanism filled with grease to reduce wear; burner to regularly remove the outer cover to clean dust.

3, conveyor belt: drive reducer regularly replace the gear oil (150 # gear oil), counterweight and tensioning mechanism to adjust to ensure that the tensioning mechanism is free to stretch when under pressure; chain regularly add temperature-resistant lubricant to achieve the right amount of oil, chain lubrication is good.

4, the gun mechanism guide clean dust, lubrication; cold dryer heat sink clean dust.


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