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  • Feb
    4 roles for powered and free overhead conveyor lines
    A Power and Free overhead conveyor line is a type of material handling system that uses a powered chain to move carriers, or "trolleys," along a suspended track. The trolleys are able to detach from the chain at certain points, allowing for additional flexibility in the system.
  • Feb
    4 key points you need to know about choosing powder coating equipment
    Powder coating equipment is a surface treatment technology used for powder coatings. It applies pressure and heat to the powder coating to polymerize it and form a uniform coating. This technology can be used to produce high quality, strong and durable products and has a wide range of applications i
  • Apr
    To ensure the safe use of equipment, what are the daily maintenance of the spraying production line
    The purpose of maintenance of the spraying production line is to maintain the integrity and safe use of the equipment, and to ensure the safety and production quality of the spraying production line. Daily maintenance of spraying production line1. Power distribution cabinet: check whether the indica
  • Apr
    The process of electrostatic spraying equipment measures the pros and cons from five aspects
    1. Functional aspect-The design level of the electrostatic spray line is the most critical link.The elements that reflect the function are: the selected coating process and the plane layout are reasonable, there is sufficient process adjustment flexibility, the logistics and the flow of people are s
  • Apr
    Introduction of drying room in spraying production line
    The drying room is generally equipped with a circulating fan and an exhaust fan. The circulating fan draws air from the drying room, and then sends it back to the drying room after being heated by the heating device (heater or heat exchanger). The exhaust fan removes the solvent vapor and oil fume g
  • Mar
    Automatic Powder Coating Line Maintenance Precautions
    Automatic Powder Coating Line Maintenance Precautions I. Daily Maintenance of the Automatic Powder Coating Line a. Removes the spray gun atomizing cap and nozzle and clean with gun wash water. b. Check that the automatic oiling cup is sufficiently lubricated to allow for timely replenishment.
  • Feb
    Application areas of uv coating equipment
    Application areas of uv coating equipmentThe advantages of UV coating equipment are many: the drying time is particularly fast, the curing is instantaneous after UV irradiation, and there are no volatile organic compounds, no toxicity, no harm to the human body, and no pollution of the environment.
  • Feb
    Cathodic electrophoresis coating machine Optimised design
    Cathodic electrophoresis coating machine Optimised designThe second day of work after the Chinese New Year Cathodic electrophoresis coating machine is also widely used in the painting of automotive parts (such as frames, wheels, small and medium-sized sheet metal parts, shock absorbers, wipers, carr
  • Feb
    Small automatic coating equipment management and maintenance
    With the rapid development of the Small automatic coating equipment industry, automatic coating equipment is becoming more and more intelligent and integrated, and paint shops are increasingly dependent on automatic coating equipment for their production. The management and maintenance of automatic
  • Feb
    What are the environmental requirements for painting lines?
    Coating equipment requires a specific environment to operate. This environment includes not only the hard environment of the painting production workplace but also the soft environment of the production painters.   The environmental requirements for painting lines are(1) Processes that use toxic, ir
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