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Application areas of uv coating equipment

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Application areas of uv coating equipment

The advantages of UV coating equipment are many: the drying time is particularly fast, the curing is instantaneous after UV irradiation, and there are no volatile organic compounds, no toxicity, no harm to the human body, and no pollution of the environment. UV paint is a three-dimensional structure, so the hardness is relatively high, wear-resistant and scratch-resistant, and has good transparency, so the quality of the processed panels is quite good and durable. The quality of the processed panels is very good and durable.     

uv coating equipment

Process: sander, dust collector, UV roller coater (UV spraying machine), leveling, UV light curing machine, sanding, etc., easy to operate, high production efficiency UV Coating equipment is widely used in plastic, metal, glass, and other products coating, assembly-line production model can carry a large number of products with efficient spraying equipped with double spraying double baking system can achieve the product of UV The system is equipped with dual spraying and baking systems for UV coating and general heat curing. General applications are car lights, cup lids, high-end cosmetic bottle caps, craft decorations, shoe heels UV Coating equipment Work efficiency is very high, with the development of industrial technology, more and more furniture manufacturing plants to enhance the competitiveness of products, UV coating line equipment and technology are also becoming increasingly mature, with its unique advantages, in the field of painting have been vigorously applied to promote.

The process, equipment, and technology are also becoming more and more mature. UV painting process production helps furniture manufacturers to save paint, control costs, improve quality, shorten curing time and increase production efficiency, especially to get rid of the dependence on manual labor during production.

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