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What are the environmental requirements for painting lines?

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Coating equipment requires a specific environment to operate. This environment includes not only the hard environment of the painting production workplace but also the soft environment of the production painters.

 The environmental requirements for painting lines are

(1) Processes that use toxic, irritating, or flammable substances should be located in a separate workshop or in a specially partitioned area of the workshop and equipped with personal protective equipment and fire-fighting equipment.

(2) Workshop passages should be equipped with facilities to eliminate draught penetration and to prevent the spread of fire, such as automatic fire doors, fire and smoke barriers, water curtains, etc.

(3) Where safe access to work stations above equipment is required, catwalks with protective railings and stairs should be installed. Plant floors and catwalk access should be laid with non-slip flooring.

painting line

(4) There should be no stacking of equipment, objects, and electrical cables across the pedestrian passageway, and the width of the passageway should be not less than 1m.

(5)The assembly line walking over the working area must be laid with a protective net underneath to prevent objects from falling.

(6) Excess paint and waste paint should be segregated and stacked in a special paint storage room.

(7) Parts where solvent volatilization is relatively large must have air collection devices to prevent the spread of toxic gases; soft environmental requirements must not be ignored, either. When working, appropriate masks and gas masks must be worn and good ventilation measures must be in place.

 Painting equipment lines can produce wastewater, waste gas, waste residues, and noise pollution. The wastewater and sludge must be centralized and treated separately according to the type of effluent.

For waste gases, organic solvents are used to reduce the number of waste gases, or catalytic combustion or activated carbon adsorption is used to treat them to meet emission requirements. It is everyone's responsibility to protect the environment.

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