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Automatic Powder Coating Line

Loading area
Washing pretreatment tunnel
Drying oven with air curtains
Automatic powder coating booth
Curing oven
Unloading area
  • Automatic Powder Coating Line

  • Hanna

  • Design principle:

  • Safety

  • Durability

  • Limited Pollution

  • Quick Color Change

  • Maximum Recovery Efficiency

  • Hanna design link to European technology so much, Our done pieces with Gema Smart powder gun success its job totally, its unique circuit board design completely solve gloove problem of workpieces on dead angle. Make sure all groove would be spayed smoothly.

  • Hanna smart design on ventilation system gives excellent work on temperature difference control, which make furnace temperature fluctuate less than 3 ℃, it ensures powder coating bond to workpiece perfectly, and gives perfect result on colour. 

  • The typical big cyclone design of Hanna technology gives powder recovery efficiency high as 99.2%, and no dust spill out. Unique fast color change powder supply center gives a color change job within 15 minutes, same as layout did by Top gun company in Europe.

  • We have Chemistry experts, technical support, experienced technicians on installation, powerful engineer team on design, Strong team forged Hanna’s finest solution to hit the market.

Automatic Powder Coating Line

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How to get a customized solution and quotation:
1.Material of your workpiece.
2.The max size of your workpiece .
3.The max weight of your workpiece.
4.Expected output for one shift (8 hours/shift).
5.The power source for oven: electric,gas,diesel,or coal.
6.The size of your factoryn  (length,width and height).

We can start design when we actually have these data. Pls contact with us and we will reply you ASAP.

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