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Automatic Powder Coating Line Maintenance Precautions

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Automatic Powder Coating Line Maintenance Precautions

I. Daily Maintenance of the Automatic Powder Coating Line
a. Removes the spray gun atomizing cap and nozzle and clean with gun wash water.
b. Check that the automatic oiling cup is sufficiently lubricated to allow for timely replenishment.
c. Spin open the electrostatic dust gun nozzle to clean its dust clean and clear the air holes.
d. Spray booth exhaust fan small cleaning: open the fan to clean the door rub, knock the paint slag clean.


a. The electrostatic dust gun nozzle must be cleaned regularly, otherwise, the electrostatic discharge may cause a fire when the weather is dry.
b. Remove and clean the entire machine from the primary jig bar and the paint block.
c. Lubricate the gun action piston.
d. Fan clean-up: remove the machine wheel to clean up the paint slag, and the wind wheel and worm gear inside the wall with butter to prevent staining.
e. Spray room water curtain, the water tank, and water outlet hole pipe clean up.
f. Exhaust pipe cleaning
g. Replacement of air supply filter cotton.
h. Exhaust gas treatment tower filtering wet replacement.
i. Exhaust gas treatment tower sprayer, screw swirl spray pipe, tower wall, drain funnel clean.

Automatic Powder Coating Line

II. Safety

1. As the Automatic Powder Coating Line is a moving machine, be careful that your body and clothing do not get caught or hung up in the equipment while it is powered up.
2. Do not open the cleaning door or fan door while the Powder Coating Booth is in operation as this may cause personal injury.
3. Keep the air flowing and the environment dry in the equipment area.
4. Because the equipment is a machine in motion, you must be well protected and self-protected when using and maintaining the equipment.
5.The equipment is a spraying machine, to make the product more efficient and improve the yield, please remember to keep the environment of the equipment hygienic and clean up in time, it is strictly prohibited to accumulate paint on the equipment.
6. The electrical box must be kept well ventilated and it is strictly forbidden to pile up miscellaneous objects in the box and to clean the dust in the box regularly to avoid fire, for which the company is not responsible for any injury or other property damage caused directly or indirectly.

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