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Common surface coating processes for metal workpieces and their areas of application

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Surface coating processes for metal workpieces play a vital role in modern industry. These processes not only enhance the appearance of metal workpieces, but also increase their corrosion and wear resistance and other physical properties. 

Three common surface coating processes for metal workpieces and their applications are described below, with electrostatic powder coating ranking first.

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1. Electrostatic Powder Coating

Introduction: Electrostatic powder coating is an environmentally friendly and efficient coating process. The powder coating is sprayed onto the metal surface by means of an electrostatic gun, using electrostatic action to make the powder adhere evenly, and then baked at high temperatures to melt and solidify the powder into a uniform coating.

Application areas:

- Home appliance industry: Refrigerator, washing machine and other home appliances shell often use electrostatic powder coating treatment to increase the aesthetic and protective properties.

- Automotive Industry: Automotive wheels, frames and other parts are often coated using this process as it provides excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance.

- Furniture Manufacturing: Metal furniture such as office chairs, bookshelves, etc. are often coated with electrostatic powder coating to improve their durability and aesthetics.


- Environmentally friendly: No solvent emission, no harmful gas emission.

- High Efficiency: Uniform coating thickness, one coat can achieve the desired effect.

- Durable: Provides excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance.

2. Electroplating

Introduction: Electroplating is a process of depositing a layer of another metal on the surface of a metal by electrolysis. Commonly plated metals include nickel, chromium, copper and zinc.

Application areas:

- Electronic industry: a variety of electronic components such as connectors, connectors, etc. often use electroplating coating to improve its conductivity and corrosion resistance.

- Decorative industry: home decorations, jewelry and decorative parts are often plated to enhance the aesthetic and protective effect.

- Automotive industry: Automotive parts such as bumpers, decorative strips, etc. are widely used plating process to improve the appearance and protective properties.


- Aesthetics: Provides a bright, uniform appearance.

- Protection: Enhance the corrosion and abrasion resistance of the substrate.

- Versatility: A wide range of plating metals can be selected to meet different needs.

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3. anodized coatings

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that improves the corrosion resistance and surface hardness of aluminum and its alloys by producing an oxide film on the surface.

Areas of application:

- Aerospace: Aircraft components such as fuselages and internal structural parts are often anodized to improve corrosion resistance and strength.

- Consumer electronics: The housings of electronic devices such as laptops and smartphones are often anodized to improve wear resistance and aesthetics.

- Construction: Aluminum construction profiles, such as window and door frames, are anodized for weather resistance and decorative qualities.


- Durability: Provides excellent corrosion and wear resistance.

- Versatility: Available in a wide range of colors and surface textures to meet different design requirements.

- Eco-friendly: Non-toxic and harmless, in line with environmental requirements.


The above describes three common surface coating processes for metal workpieces and their application areas. Electrostatic powder coating is widely used in the appliance, automotive and furniture manufacturing industries for its environmental friendliness, efficiency and durability. Electroplated coatings, on the other hand, are widely used in the electronics, decorative and automotive industries for their aesthetic and protective properties. Anodized coatings play an important role in the aerospace, consumer electronics and construction industries for their excellent corrosion resistance and versatility.

Choosing the right surface coating process not only enhances the performance of metal workpieces, but also extends their service life and meets the needs of different industrial fields. We hope that the introduction of this article can provide you with valuable references in practical applications.

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