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Small automatic coating equipment management and maintenance

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With the rapid development of the Small automatic coating equipment industry, automatic coating equipment is becoming more and more intelligent and integrated, and paint shops are increasingly dependent on automatic coating equipment for their production. The management and maintenance of automatic coating equipment is therefore an important task for spray production plants. In managing the maintenance of automatic coating equipment in the workshop, the following issues must be considered.

1. Development and improvement of the automatic coating equipment management system. There are a number of popular automatic coating equipment management systems available. Therefore, the spraying workshop must develop a spraying equipment management device that is suitable for the actual spraying workshop. The system is continuously improved as it is used. A comprehensive routine maintenance, review and repair programme is developed. Depending on the operation of the equipment, carry out maintenance work on the automatic coating equipment accordingly, strengthen the inspection of the spraying equipment and ensure that the maintenance of the equipment is in your place In addition, after the inspection, it is necessary to carry out a test operation test on the equipment after the inspection to ensure that the equipment works properly when the lines are open and when the equipment is stopped.

automatic coating equipment

2. Implementing responsibility for automatic coating equipmentautomatic coating equipment maintenance personnel must have the appropriate equipment in charge and be dynamically evaluated according to conditions such as equipment downtime. The person responsible for the automatic coating equipment shall prepare the appropriate material for typical failures of the coating equipment, familiarise himself with the causes and solutions of the failures and identify the reasons for avoiding typical failures. An analysis meeting will be held, which all team members will attend, to promote the skills of the maintenance personnel. The person in charge shall develop contingency plans for the appropriate equipment to significantly reduce the damage caused by equipment downtime.

3. Depending on the operational status of the automatic coating equipment, its dynamic management can ensure that the coating equipment is maintained as required. Special attention should be paid to special accessories for imported equipment-specific AUTOMATIC COATING EQUIPMENT and accessories, as their delivery times are usually long and low stocks should be established for those key components and equipment that are prone to problems. Replacement. Improve the maintenance and management of old parts and save maintenance costs for workshop equipment.

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