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The process of electrostatic spraying equipment measures the pros and cons from five aspects

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1. Functional aspect-The design level of the electrostatic spray line is the most critical link.

The elements that reflect the function are: the selected coating process and the plane layout are reasonable, there is sufficient process adjustment flexibility, the logistics and the flow of people are smooth, the running route of the coated object is short, the lift and the circuit are few; the safety protection measures are reliable; the selected equipment Good functions, high utilization rate and convenient maintenance; in the case of investment and site conditions permitting, the level of mechanization and automation should be as high as possible.


The process of electrostatic spraying equipment measures the pros and cons from five aspects


2. Environmental protection-keep the paint shop environmentally friendly


In the design of the paint shop, it is necessary to adopt as much as possible the technology of increasing the utilization rate of coating materials, the recycling technology of coating cleaning water, energy-saving technology, waste treatment technology and the selection of environmentally friendly coating materials, etc., so as to reduce the amount of gas emissions. The recycling rate has reached domestic or international advanced indicators.


3. Engineering quality-high-quality engineering quality first comes from excellent coating process design.


Often due to inadequate consideration and carelessness in the design of the coating process, it becomes a hidden danger to the quality of equipment design, manufacturing and installation. The quality of the project directly affects the coating quality, coating cost and the service life of coating equipment. Poor engineering quality will lead to poor coating quality, low qualification rate, poor equipment reliability, multiple failures, low efficiency, and even make the spray line unable to operate normally.


4. Economic aspect-investment quota is an important indicator to measure the economics of process design.

Economy is also one of the important indicators to measure the advancement of electrostatic spraying lines. Under the same production scale of the same product and the same coating quality, the less investment, the shorter the payback period, and the lower the coating cost. The higher the design level of electrostatic spray line.


5. Management-high-quality, high-yield, and low-cost need to rely on advanced scientific management to achieve.

The complete coating process design should provide customers with complete process technical documents and process management specifications or systems, guide customers to master and implement the process, use and maintain spray equipment, create a good coating environment, and strictly implement various regulations system. According to the construction scale and management requirements of the spraying line, well-equipped management facilities, etc., realize automatic control of the spraying line production.

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