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Cathodic electrophoresis coating machine Optimised design

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Cathodic electrophoresis coating machine Optimised design

The second day of work after the Chinese New Year

Cathodic electrophoresis coating machine is also widely used in the painting of automotive parts (such as frames, wheels, small and medium-sized sheet metal parts, shock absorbers, wipers, carriages, and metal parts, etc.) and is popularised and promoted in other industrial painting fields (such as building materials, light industry, agricultural machinery, military industry, household appliances, and other metal parts painting fields).

Some people think that "the electrophoresis coating machine process has been developed and applied for a long time and there is not much room for improvement". The author holds a different view based on the following situation and believes that there is still much room for improvement and innovation in cathodic electrophoresis coating technology. Based on the national regulations on environmental protection, clean production, and energy-saving and emission reduction, the cathodic electrophoresis coating process is required to be more environmentally friendly (low VOC, low carbon, harmless).

Cathodic electrophoresis coating machine

The shortage of resources, the increase in the price of raw materials, and the fierce competition in the automotive market require that, based on ensuring the quality of the coating, we rely on technological progress to improve and perfect the CED electrophoresis coating machine, reduce CED coating costs and improve the competitiveness of our products. Peripheral related technological progress and maturity (such as ED-RO, heat pump technology, new CED coating, etc.), promote each other, need to replace, eliminate the backward process and equipment and coating update.

Besides, the author found in the technical consultation and on-site technical service that the designers do not have a good understanding of the cathodic electrophoresis coating process, there are misunderstandings, lack of flexible application of relevant technologies and lean design capabilities according to the working conditions, the traits of the painted parts being swept, limited to rehash design, resulting in the backward design of process equipment and high investment and operation costs.

This article is to rely on technological progress to improve resource utilization, reduce CED coating costs, lean design of CED process/equipment and correct some misconceptions in the understanding of the author's views, and discuss with readers.

1. Further understanding and research on cathodic electrophoresis coating machine Principle, process, and flexible application of related technology CDE electrophoresis coating principle.

1) The pH rises due to the electrolysis of water near the surface of the painted object.
2) The paint particles lose their charge and precipitate out of the solution to form a coating film.
CED coating process and equipment designers can only apply the relevant technology flexibly and lay the foundation (basic skills) for lean design if they are clear and familiar with CED coating principles, the physical and chemical effects of electrolysis, electrophoresis, electrodeposition (coalescence), and electroosmosis in the coating process and the related technology (parameters).

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