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Safety management of electrostatic spray gun spraying

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1, high-voltage electrostatic generator must be grounded wire.

High-voltage electrostatic generator ground wire is the basic safety operation, electrostatic spray gun ground wire is also taken from the high-voltage electrostatic generator, so it should be confirmed that the ground is actually grounded.


2, the object to be coated to maintain a grounded state.

The painted object is generally grounded by the conveyor, but the contact part of the spreader, if there is paint attached, will make the conductivity poor, the painted object is charged, easy to spark, and become the cause of fire; therefore, the removal of paint attached to the spreader should be implemented regularly.


3. Ground all metal objects in the painting room.

The high voltage in the painting room makes the air around the sprayer ionized, and there is a risk of sparking if the metal objects not grounded are electrically charged; therefore, metal objects such as the sprayer mounting table or safety grille in the painting room should be connected to the ground wire. Also, do not place metal objects such as paint cans and tools that are not in use in the paint booth.

Note: Grounding is one of the most important aspects of electrostatic safety and is required for all conductive items.


4, Operate the electrostatic spray gun empty-handed when operating.

The grip portion of the electrostatic spray gun is grounded via the control box. Nevertheless, such as operating with gloves human body will also be charged, such as contact with other grounded objects will be electrocuted; so when operating with gloves, the palm part of the hand to open a hole.


5. Wear leather-soled shoes or electrostatic shoes when working.

The air around the coating room is ionized, such as wearing rubber-soled or synthetic resin-soled shoes, the human body will also be charged, and will receive electric shock when contacting a safety object connected to the ground; when engaged in electrostatic spraying operations, in order to make the static electricity cannot be retained, electrostatic shoes must be worn and constant attention must be paid not to make the paint block attached to the electrostatic shoes.


6、When cleaning the nozzle, the power switch of the control box must be turned off and the front end must be grounded before proceeding; if high voltage static electricity occurs when washing the nozzle, it will become the cause of fire. Operation interruption or operation must be the end of the power switch off.


7, the use of metal brushes when cleaning the nozzle is prohibited.

Nozzle when the life of the electrostatic gun, such as the use of metal brushes will damage the nozzle, will not be able to get a uniform spray state, so please use the brush that comes with it.


8, electrostatic spray gun body, high voltage cables and hoses, do not soak in solvent; electrostatic sprayers are electrical machinery, casual immersion in solvent will become the cause of failure.


9, high-voltage cables and hoses should not be dragged on the ground, as far as possible hanging on the ceiling or wall (when using the electrostatic spray gun paint hose to use rubber hose and other insulators hanging); high-voltage cables and hoses such as dragging on the ground, easy to make it damaged.


10, the need to install exhaust devices (ventilation ducts, exhaust fans) in the painting room.


11, condensate from air filter, air compressor, etc. should be fully discharged.

Moisture in the air will cause bad spraying and alarm beeping and safety circuit action, so the moisture should be fully filtered and discharged.


12, the distance between the front end of the nozzle and the workpiece to be coated must be kept at least 150mm.

In the construction, the electrostatic sprayer nozzle is generally close to the ground, the potential of the nozzle will automatically reduce, but the paint pump insulated use (metal paint, woodworking paint, water solvent paint and other electrical resistance value of the paint), the pump potential will not be reduced, inherent in the possibility of large sparks.


13, such as the use of insulated table should be more than 300mm away from the surrounding objects, when you need to touch, the power of the control box should be cut off and grounded before touching; low electrical resistance value of the paint is the same as the electric wire energized, there is a risk of electric shock when touching the paint container; the place facing the access road must be set with grounded safety fence to avoid the general operator accidentally touch.


14、For prevention, always have a fire extinguisher.


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