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Notes on the use of electrostatic spraying equipment

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In the use of electrostatic spraying equipment often happens some big or small accidents, how to avoid this aspect of the accident?  

       First, most of them are caused by the failure of grounding and forming an insulated state.

      The conductive objects in the coating room must be clearly distinguished from high voltage potential or grounding potential, except for those who should apply high voltage or parts, and must be grounded.

     1. Clean the soles of the shoes sufficiently.

     2, the operator must wear electrically charged shoes (leather-soled shoes are electrically charged).

     3、The operator who uses the electrostatic hand-held spray gun must operate the spray gun with bare hands.

    4、Hang the hanger of the painted object to fully clean and often keep the painted object as ground potential. (Pay attention to the contact point of the hanger)  

    5、The ground in the painting room must be kept in a conductive state.

    6、The conductive objects in the painting room must be grounded.

    7、The solvent tank for cleaning should be fixed and grounded.

    Only the objects that form fire hazard should be discharged in use and operation. The electrostatic spraying equipment or paint tank that is considered to be charged should be grounded after sufficient ventilation, and the residual charge should be allowed to escape before use.

   1、Clean the paint dust pollution of the coating machine regularly.

   2、Do not use the coating machine contamination such as solvent vapor that will be trapped to prevent being covered.

   3、Do turn the high voltage cable or paint skin tube slack or off. 

   4、The high voltage must be turned off at the end of painting, and confirm the high voltage before washing operation. 

   5、When using conductive paint and the paint supply system is insulated from the ground, implement paint replenishment in the paint tank, then first implement the paint tank grounding. 

    6、If solvent is used to clean the part of insulating material, apply high voltage after confirming the solvent is dry.

   Do the above measures, the use of electrostatic spraying equipment will be more smooth, but also conducive to the improvement of efficiency.


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