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Why Particle Size Testing is Needed for Electrostatic Spray Powder Coatings

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Specific effects of particle size distribution on the performance of electrostatic spraying powder coatings.

        1. Appearance, leveling

          Generally speaking, the smaller the particle size of the powder, the better the leveling of the coating curing, the appearance of the coating film will be more flat and smooth, but the powder charged with the square of the particle size is proportional to the powder, the powder is too fine charged to reduce the efficiency of the coating construction will be reduced, ultra-fine powder is basically not charged.

          2. Powder rate and powder coating itself has an important relationship with the charged performance. Increase the charged amount of coating particles, the powder rate will be increased. The charged amount of the particle is proportional to the square of the particle size. If the particle size is increased, the charge of the coating particles will increase and the powder rate will increase. However, the particle size should not be too large. If the particle size is too large, the gravitational effect of paint particles will exceed the aerodynamic and electrostatic force, which will reduce the powder rate.

         3. Recovery rate Powder coating in the production and use of the process there is the problem of recovery of powder, usually, powder particle size of ultra-fine powder recovery rate is low, when the powder coating particles recovery rapidly rise, and the recovery rate of powder with the increase in particle size and increase. Even for the above reasons, it can be said that the particle size distribution of powder coating particles largely affects the performance and efficiency of powder coating. Therefore, particle size testing equipment is needed to monitor product quality and assist in the development of new products and technologies.


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