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What is the role of additives in the production process of powder coatings

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What is the role of additives in the production process of powder coatings

Colorful and diverse, coloring tools are also very much, for this point many people are clear, different colors, for the material workpiece are very important, powder coating production process among the additives are also very important.

1. Powder coating additives and resin compatibility

      This is the selection of additives should be given priority attention to the issue, additives must be long-term stable in the powder coating to play its proper performance. So generally the additives used should have good compatibility with epoxy, polyester, acrylic and other resins. Then usually compare the compatibility of powder coating additives and resin, the method used is based on the similarity of their structure.

        For example, the choice of leveling agent is divided into one with a carrier, one without a carrier. Carrier such as E-12 as a carrier can not be applied to the formulation of pure polyester system. For example, the B68 chemical matting agent usually used is only applicable to the system with epoxy, used in other systems, not only lose the effect, but also bring negative impact on the coating film.

2. Powder coating additives to the adaptability of the production process

      Some powder coating additives in the formulation design, due to harsh production process conditions, may be high temperature, low temperature, high-speed shear and other circumstances, thus causing the decomposition of powder coating additives, volatilization and failure, resulting in formula failure. Such as some patterned powder coating additives, not with the base material extruded by the extruder, but after adding to the finished powder, the only way to reveal its proper pattern, because in the extrusion and melting process, patterned additives have been pre-reacted to complete, resulting in the film when no pattern appears.

3 powder coating additives in the powder coating multifunctionality

Some powder coating additives in addition to the main role, but also has a dual or multiple roles. Thus, in the design of the formula must be considered, such as the amount of blending or simplify the formula.

For example, zinc oxide is a common chemical, it can replace part of the titanium dioxide for white pigment, while having a certain conductivity, applied to the need for anti-static or conductive occasions, but also has a shielding function of ultraviolet light, especially for (240 ~ 380) μm range of UV light has a better protection ability, of course, it also has anti-mildew, sterilization effect, improve the coating containing carboxyl group resin performance, etc. As you can see, the choice of an effective additive is to fully understand its various functions.

    Powder coating additives have a certain influence on the performance of powder coatings, and after some necessary processes, from which you can find out how well the additives perform and how well they show.

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