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Powder coating storage, construction environment, light loss phenomenon and treatment Storage of powder

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Powder coating storage, construction environment, light loss phenomenon and treatment

Storage of powder

      The storage of powder has a great influence on its quality. The storage of powder will generally be in a ventilated and dry place, and the temperature of the storage space should not exceed 30 degrees.

       Different varieties of powder can not be placed together to avoid mutual pollution. Different manufacturers of powder, in the construction, the powder must be recycled, that is to say, a batch used up and then the next batch, not used up the powder must be sealed box to avoid contamination.

Construction environment

      Powder construction units have different requirements for the environment, there are open-air closed, there and the production plant through the body, a variety of.

      The correct powder construction environment should be independent, equipped with powder recovery equipment. Can not be placed in the spray room of the unused powder. Every day before and after work to spray the room with a dunnage or vacuum cleaner to clean the ground thoroughly. Spray room in the dust concentration should not be too large. First of all, it is not good for human health, and then the important point is that the powder in a certain space to reach a certain concentration will produce an explosion, which is very dangerous. Because the main components of the powder is chemical materials, flammable, the spray chamber must be prohibited fire.

Powder loss of light phenomenon and treatment

  (1) powder in the oven more than the specified time and temperature is likely to surface loss of light. Epoxy polyester (indoor) powder general constant temperature does not exceed 190 degrees. Pure polyester powder general constant temperature does not exceed 220 degrees.

     Due to the different materials require different heat, so the time placed in the oven is different. For example, aluminum type, thin iron plate, etc. in the furnace placement time is generally not more than 15-20 minutes can be. Large metal parts are generally placed in the furnace for 30-60 minutes.

  (2) in the construction to reduce waste, the recycled powder added to the new powder mix, this situation will often cause the workpiece surface loss of light. The correct method is a powder (normal) add about 3 kg, generally should not exceed 5 kg, otherwise the loss of light.

  (3) powder due to high temperature or over-extrusion to produce caking phenomenon. This situation will often make the powder light loss. This situation is generally taken to the lumpy powder with a sieve, and then combined with the unclumped powder, the problem is solved.

  (4) different manufacturers of powder mixed with each other, because of mutual interference will also make the powder loss of light. If you need a different manufacturer's powder must be electrostatic generator for the powder barrel, gun, powder tube and the surrounding environment clean, and then change to another powder.

  (5) powder generally should not be stored for too long. Too much time will change the luster, the general luster of the higher powder, stored for too long, construction often some powder will also produce the phenomenon of light loss. Gloss low powder, such as black without light, gray without light, etc., stored for too long again is likely to have the phenomenon of ripple sand pattern.

  (6) transparent powder on other powder interference, in the construction as long as you have used transparent powder, want to change the other powder must be clean and thorough gun, powder supply barrel, spray chamber clean up well.

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