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Electrostatic powder coating machine /Multi-cyclone+ after filters recovery system electrostatic powder spray booth, It is an improve dtechnology based on mono-cyclone. The small height of clones allow for easy mobility and faster cleaning operation Improved Transfer efficiency.

Pollution free operation

Safe to operate 

Maximum recovery efficiency


Quick colour change

Change color only 10 to 15 minutes
Hanna Powder Coating Equipment 
Absorbed European technology to develop generation intelligent gun, unique circuit board design, let the oscillation frequency reach 17 KHZ to ensure the workpieces powder rate is high, complete solve the problem of workpiece powder grooves on the dead angle,groove with powder.
Ensure that products without off color
Technology unique to the wind system which make the effective temperature difference control furnace temperature fluctuate 5 ℃, ensure that products without color difference, coating does not fall off.

10-15 min fast color change booth

Company using the internationally recognized big cyclone recovery system powder recovery rate as high as 99.2%, ensure no dust spillover,Unique fast color change powder supply center, change color only 10 to 15 minutes

​Within 24 hours after receiving service demand, by technical staff, has a rich experience by phone, email, video and other forms to provide project consulting, fault diagnosis and other instructional technology services, to achieve customer satisfaction.

Professional Design For Free
Professional Scheme For Free
 Installation For Free
Three year warranty period
Product After Sale Management System
* Training operation and maintenance personnel in organization;
* Tracking understand and maintenance of mechanical equipment performance and use effect;
* Assist customers to manage the production process and select the specification of process management;
* Providing vulnerable parts at the factory price;
* Lifetime after-sales service;
* If equipment failure, in 24 hours (provincial) to solve the problem, and do a good record;
* Three year warranty, lifelong repair
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