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28 years of coating equipment manufacturers teach you the safety issues to pay attention to when spraying

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Nowadays, with the powder spray production line more and more widely used in China, it also brings a lot of convenience for our work. The new moon coating research and development also pays more and more attention to the safety performance of the spray equipment production line. Let us know what problems you should be aware of when using them!

1. According to the size of the work object, the gun heads with different calibers can be used. Generally speaking, the spray head with a diameter of 5~6 mm can be sprayed in a small area, and the nozzle head with a diameter of 6 mm or more can be used for a large area. Different types of powders have different specific gravity. If the ratio is large, the wind pressure can be increased, but the wind pressure must not exceed the strength of the electromagnetic field.

2. When performing electrostatic spraying, it should also be noted that the distance between the suspended workpiece and the ground must be more than 1 meter, and the distance between the workpiece and the workpiece does not collide with each other, and the smaller the distance, the better. The rotation of the spray gun is also very important. Generally, the cyclone spray gun speed is 800 rpm, and the rotary cup spray gun speed must be greater than 1000 rpm. If the two guns are not working in the same plane, they can be closer together.

3. In addition, because the DC voltage used in the electrostatic spray equipment is as high as 100,000 volts, accidents will occur if there is a slight inadvertentness. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to operational safety.

Hanna Coating recommends that in order to improve the efficiency of electrostatic spraying, two or more spray guns are often used for spraying at the same time. At this time, the same charge repels each other and affects the quality of the film. Therefore, the distance between the two spray guns is at least 1 meter. We use advanced static control system, high-voltage hair generator is equipped with automatic protection function, in the case of over-current, high-voltage power can be cut off at high speed, thus effectively protecting equipment and safe operation.

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