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A Brief Introduction About The Electrostatic Spraying Process

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Electrostatic spraying has been widely used since the development in the 1950s. It combines the advantages of various spraying processes into a new spraying method. When a DC high voltage is applied between the grounded workpiece and the spray gun, an electrostatic field is generated. When the charged paint particles are sprayed onto the workpiece, they are uniformly deposited on the surface of the workpiece by collision with each other, and the paint particles scattered around the workpiece are still present. Within the scope of the electrostatic field, it wraps around the workpiece so that it is applied to all surfaces of the workpiece.

Therefore, it is especially suitable for spraying workpieces with complicated geometric shapes and small surface area such as fences, pipes, small steel structural parts, steel pipe products, diesel engines, etc. It can spray paint to every place of the workpiece conveniently and quickly, which can reduce overspray of paint. Save on paint. The coating transfer efficiency is as high as 60-85% and its atomization is very good. The thickness of the coating film is uniform, which is beneficial to the improvement of product quality. On wood furniture, the electrostatic spray gun can also achieve good electrostatic hoop effect, especially suitable for chairs, coffee tables, Workpieces such as wood products.


However, electrostatic spraying has certain requirements on the viscosity and electrical conductivity of the coating. Not all coatings are suitable for electrostatic spraying, and the investment in equipment is also large. The power-free electrostatic spray gun that provides the best atomization effect removes the high-voltage electrostatic generator and the connecting cable, and the small air-powered small turbine generator assembly installed inside the gun body generates static high voltage, which is very safe and convenient. The air electrostatic spray gun provides the perfect surface quality. Air-assisted airless electrostatic spray guns are widely used in aircraft, engineering machinery, power machinery and other industries with high quality, high efficiency and high productivity. The electrostatic spray gun not only has a good surface quality, but also has great economic benefits. Although it has more investment at one time, it can be recovered in a short period of time because it saves 40% of the paint and more than double of the working time. All investment can be obtained in a short period of time.

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