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A more popular automatic spraying line

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With the development of science and technology, more and more production lines begin to tend to automation.This article will introduce to you a more popular automatic powder spraying line now.I hope that the article will help you.

First,Preprocessing is not pipelined,The pre processed workpiece passes through the line, the automatic spray gun spraying, the manual spray gun inspection, the high temperature curing, the down line several procedures complete spraying.

The workpiece is automatically walking with the spray chain. After the 4 station spray room (2 automatic gun positions, 2 manual gun positions), the automatic spray gun completes most of the spraying work and the manual spray gun completes the filling. The workpiece can be cured automatically through the constant temperature curing oven after the spray room is sprayed out.

The equipment needed for the production line is:

1) electrostatic spray machine (manual gun 2), Jobon electrostatic spray equipment network!

Welcome to the Jobon electrostatic spray equipment network!

2) 4 station level spray room (including powder recovery system, two grade powder recovery system with optional automatic powder feeding).

3) constant temperature curing oven (with suitable heating system, finished by curing oven).

4) spray chain (stepless speed regulation, different spray chain type according to different workpieces)

5) automatic spray gun (usually at least 2, relative work, according to the spraying speed needs can also be allocated 4, 6, 8 or more).

6) automatic gun cabinet (according to the number of automatic guns to match different models, such as the two grade powder recovery system that has chosen automatic powder return, will not

The cabinet should be re selected, because the automatic cabinet is included in the total control cabinet of the recovery system.

Welcome to the Jobon electrostatic spray equipment network!

6) automatic reciprocating machine (2 units, relative work)

Welcome to the Jobon electrostatic spray equipment network!

7) centrally supply the powder box (for all the automatic guns to supply powder, the powder level is below the set limit, the alarm is reminded by the main control cabinet, and the powder is added).

Advantages: "automatic spray gun spraying" links the vast majority of the spraying work, making manual spraying is not the main spraying means, and become a "filling" link, greatly reducing the labor strength of the spraying operator; because of the existence of "automatic spray gun spraying", the spraying speed is greatly improved, so it can be sprayed. The running speed of the coating is greatly improved to obtain higher output. The high output and low labor intensity can eventually reduce the cost of the single piece spraying of the workpiece;

In summary, this spraying model is low in labor intensity, low in cost, high in spraying efficiency and more stable in spraying quality compared with ordinary semi- automatic spraying line; but the amount of investment is about  more than semi-automatic spray line (2 automatic elevators, 4-8 automatic spray guns, 1 sets of powder boxes for the powder box, " 1 sets of two grade powder recovery system for automatic powder return.

Disadvantages: it is not suitable for small batch spraying of special-shaped workpieces. Too few batches will cause high energy consumption per unit, resulting in high cost of spraying.

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