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Advantages and functions of electrostatic powder coating

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Hebei Hanna Technology has many years experience in powder coating equipment producing,and we are one of the biggest China powder coating machine manufacturers,we have our own coating systems specialists,so your any requirements we can satisfy you.We have confidence you will agree our products and prices, a quantity discount is allowed.

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Besides,compared with traditional paint,electrostatic powder coating dont need paint thinner,no poison, no environmental pollution, good coating quality, adhesion and high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, short curing time, without primer, lower workers and technical requirements ,and the use of powder recovery rate is high.

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The formation of phosphating membrane plays a major role in protection and corrosion inhibition. Secondly, with the help of internal coating points (such as red, zinc yellow with resistant pigment) and metal reaction, the metal surface passivation or to generate protective substances to improve the protective effect of the coating.In addition, some oilcan produce degradation products under the action of metal soaps, and can also play an organic corrosion inhibitor.

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