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Anti-skid plate with powder coating for extended service life

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Nowadays, in order to ensure the safety of employees, many companies have installed anti-skid plates in workshops, passages, factories, etc. The anti-skid plates are widely used, but they are extremely corrosive. Therefore, in order to extend the service life of the anti-skid plates, manufacturers will produce anti-skid plates. Some special surface treatments are carried out, of which powder coating is one of the surface treatment techniques.


Powder coating is a dry surface treatment technology, which is a very fine pigment particle after electrostatic treatment, sprayed on a non-slip plate to form a coating, after curing to form a solid protective film. After the powder coating, the anti-skid surface is beautiful, durable, scratch-resistant, chemically resistant, UV-resistant, etc., especially the anti-corrosion effect is the best, and the service life can be obviously prolonged. It is reported that the powder coating technology began in the late 1930s. At the beginning, the flame spray method was used to spray the polyethylene powder onto the surface of the skid plate in a molten state. This method is the beginning of the surface treatment of the skid powder coating. It was not until the 1950s that the powder coating surface treatment technology for skid plates was developed after the invention of the invention of the powder bed dip coating method. Nowadays, the powder coating production line of metal anti-skid board has been developed very mature, and it can achieve good anti-corrosion effect regardless of its process or spraying effect. Greatly extend the service life of metal skid plates.

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