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  • Nov
    Three Stages in The Curing Process of Powder Coatings

    Three important stages for good powder coating process.+86 13363836725

  • Nov
    Basic Skills of Resin Powder Electrostatic Spraying

    Tel/Wechat/Whatsapp:+86 13363836725

  • Oct
    How to ensure that coating of the workpiece is high quality?

    High quality powder coating skills.

  • Oct
    Our Powder Coating Equipment for Metal Steel Box in Bulgaria

    The price of our powder coating equipment price is competitive and the quality is very high.

  • Sep
    Aluminium Window Frames Powder Coating Line

    We have customized thousands of Aluminium Window Frames Powder Coating Projects. We have done the most efficient Vertical Aluminium Window Frames Powder Coating Line, Cost-saving Horizontal Powder Coating Line, and Save the Venue's Power and Free Powder Coating Line. We can also customize Powder Coa

  • May
    Different fuels are used for curing furnace

    The advantage of the curing furnace to choose coal as fuel is low cost. But few countries use it because of the pollution.

  • Apr
    Shelves Powder Coating Machine

    Hebei Hanna Meal Technology Co. Ltd. in the shelf production of powder coating equipment, professional technical personnel and experienced workers, has accumulated years of production experience, a more electrophoretic paint coating problems can visit Hebei Hanna Metal Technology Co., the company's official website or inquire us.

  • Apr
    Electric Cabinet Powder Coating Line

    The quality requirements of the electric cabinet are high, the production is precise, and the surface treatment is strict, the powder coating is generally used. Hebei Hanna Metal Technology Co., Ltd. has passed the ISO quality system certification. It is strict and adopts rigorous innovation and pursuit of excellence. It touches every customer with sincerity and wins the trust of every customer with quality and service. We can do surface treatment for various electric cabinets, which can be processed by OEM/ODM. In terms of production equipment, our company has accumulated 30 years of production experience. In terms of talents, our company has many years of powder coating specialist and skilled workers in the production and design of powder coating equipment, and I believe Hanna is your best choice.

  • Apr
    Bicycle Powder Coating Production Line

    The automatic electrostatic powder coating equipment produced by our company is widely used in bicycles, automobiles, motorcycles and other industries. The products of our company are all imported parts and imported electronic components, which can withstand the common verification of customers for many years. Stable quality, reasonable price and excellent service enable our company's automatic electrostatic powder coating machine to be widely distributed in East China, Southern China and North China, and is recognized by many overseas users and machinery manufacturers. Since its establishment, the company has been supporting many domestic enterprises and more than 10 domestic machinery and equipment factories.

  • Apr
    Automobile Auto Powder Coating Production Line

    The automobile auto powder coating is the most representative in automobile painting with the characteristics of complex process, many working procedure and high quality of coating. An industrial robot capable of automatically powder coating or spraying other coatings. In China, several types of powder coating robots have been developed and put into use, and good economic results have been achieved. The powder coating robot is mainly composed of the robot body, computer and corresponding control system.

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