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Causes of problems when painting aluminium sheet coils

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The coating is one of the most critical processes in the entire aluminum coil coating production line. The quality of the coated product, especially the apparent quality, has a direct impact on the decorative effect of the product. It is therefore important to first grasp the common defects in the coating process and the reasons for their formation.



The reasons for the formation of defects are manifold and are analyzed by Crescent Painting as follows.


The following five categories are common.


1、The raw material paint and aluminum rolls are the factors that most affect the quality of the coating process, due to color differences between batches of paint, insufficient fineness of paint and low coating rate, poor coordination between paint and solvent, layering, and so on will directly affect the coating effect and produce defects Aluminium roll substrate unevenness, uneven film thickness, poor edge deflection, etc. will also directly affect product quality and overall use.



2, Powder coating line The coating equipment is required to be in good condition, and the coating equipment is required to run smoothly without horizontal and vertical shaking, and the coating roller is required to be finely ground. The horizontal beating of all the rollers of the coating machine must be controlled within the permitted range, otherwise, the quality of the coating surface will be seriously affected.


 aluminum coil coating production line

3, The coating process has a close relationship with the quality of the coating, requiring the relative line speed ratio of the coating roller, paint roller, metering roller and substrate to be controlled within a certain range. A certain viscosity range should be set for the coating according to different systems and the film thickness of the coated product, to ensure the smooth progress of coating and promote the improvement of product quality. The curing process of paint and oven control must be controlled according to requirements and must not be changed arbitrarily, otherwise, the color difference and performance of the coated product will be seriously affected.



4, the environment requires the interior of the painting room clean, dustproof, insect-proof, and a certain degree of ventilation performance, to ensure that the quality of the painted surface is not contaminated. At the same time, due to temperature changes and timely changes in process conditions.



5, Human factors: the responsibility of the operator, the proficiency of the technology, and the standardization of the operation is the key to a high-quality coating effect.



To make the utilization of powder coating line reach a relatively high level, it is necessary to establish a reasonable coating production line, first of all, to determine the production program, improve the process design, program planning, and then to carry out the design, manufacture, and installation of equipment.

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