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Characteristics of powder coating technology for automatic powder coating equipment

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The automatic powder coating equipment has high quality, large output, low cost, and remarkable technical and economic benefits. The first time the solvent free and non-toxic dry coating production has been achieved for the first time, and has become a technological revolution in the painting industry. One time coating process can reach the film thickness of multichannel coating of solvent based coating, and the over spray powder coating can be recycled, and no environmental pollution is basically achieved. The one-time coating process shortens the production cycle, facilitates the operation of the equipment, and ensures the construction safety. The process is simple, energy and raw materials are saved, and it is easy to realize the automatic production line.

Powder coating technology early single, only the beginning of fluidized bed process, low coating efficiency, coating types and varieties is relatively monotonous, the construction process has great limitations. During the subsequent development of technology, the technology of powder electrostatic coating and the development of supporting equipment made the technology of powder coating developed for a long time. The electrostatic powder coating process has been used in the industrial coating production.

The selection and quality of coating automatic powder coating equipment operating parameters of the relationship between the major. The coated workpiece is usually treated before the coating, and the pretreatment is one of the four major elements for the final quality of the coating. Because most of the powder coating does not need to be used as a base coating, it is usually a one-time coating, so the surface treatment before coating is particularly important. The oil and rust on the surface of the coated workpiece must be treated thoroughly, and the treatment is not thorough. It not only affects the adhesion of powder coatings, but also causes shrinkage holes, pinholes and bubbles after drying the powder coatings. For high quality products, phosphating is a must for one-time powder coating and the quality of phosphating must be uniform and compact.

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