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Common Faults And Analysis During Electrostatic Spraying

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1. Host gun insurance blown (1A) 

Replace 1A gun insurance

2. When the spray gun enters the water, the high-voltage static electricity is short-circuited, the system is in protection, the output voltage is very low, and the spray gun is fully dried, and the water source is checked and disposed to ensure that the compressed air is monotonous.

3.The powder used is not the powder for electrostatic spraying, the powder is damp, the powder quality is not good, replace the qualified electrostatic powder.

4. The grounding connection between the workpiece and the host is poor, check the grounding wire connection.

5. The output voltage is too low, recommended operating voltage: 60-70KV

6. The powder adhesion rate not good, the output voltage too low, recommended operating voltage: 60-70KV

7. The air pressure is too high, the powder is blown away, adjust the injection pressure.

8. The powder may be damp or the quality may be poor. Replace the qualified powder coating for electrostatic spraying.

9. Poor contact of the workpiece grounding wire or the thickened solidified powder on the hook, check the grounding path of the workpiece and clean the hook

10. Poor powder atomization, low fluidization pressure, or slight moisture in the powder, or poor powder quality, increase fluidized gas pressure, and use qualified powder.

11. The suction pump may be clogged or damaged. Please pick up and contact us to exchange the powder pump in time.

12. The operation indicator light is off, the cable socket of the spray gun is defective, the stroke of the gun is too short, the switch inside the gun cannot be pulled, check the cable of the gun and adjust the trigger top screw.

13. The power indicator is off, the power socket is out of power, the power cord is disconnected from the outlet, the power fuse is blown (0.5A), the power is checked, and the check is exchanged for 0.5A power insurance.

14. Can't spray powder, the powder outlet of the spray gun was blocked by the smashing head (new gun classic, repeated many times), adjust the head position outward.

15. The solenoid valve is not movable, there is no powder pressure output, check the plug and connection of the solenoid valve

16. The powder pipe connected to the spray gun may bend or fall, the air pressure connection is wrong (powder and dilution inverted), inspect the powder pipe and each gas pipe.

17. The injection valve of the spray machine not open, perhaps the air pressure was too low, open the valve and adjust the injection pressure to 0.3~0.4

18. The gun control line, the trigger switch, and the gun are not properly connected to the socket of the main engine (there is no “Cada” sound when the trigger is turned on), check the wiring and plug.

19. If the dilution air pressure (secondary gas) is too large, please completely turn off the dilution air pressure.

20. The powder nozzle on the suction pump clogged, clean it up and pays attention to frequent inspections.

21. 220V AC voltage is too low, the equipment power supply is missing, the solenoid valve can’t be opened (new discovery), adjust the power supply voltage or add a voltage regulator

No powder or aeration will always produce powder, there is water in the high-pressure air, and the working environment temperature is too low, the solenoid valve spool is frozen, the characteristic is that the main operation indicator flashes normally, and the solenoid valve is not movable (new discovery). Use a hair dryer to heat the solenoid valve and dispose of moisture and temperature. Poor powder, less powder may cause uneven powder, the powder tube is too long, the powder tube can’t be lengthened by private lines, the fluid pressure is too low, the powder fluidization is poor, and the fluid pressure is adjusted. When the injection pressure is too low, the amount of powder will become smaller and the injection pressure will be adjusted. The powder is dampened with moisture and may be mixed with impurities, exchange powder, and pay attention to moisture. The powder discharge nozzle on the powder suction pump is blocked by the powder, and it is cleaned up, and pays attention to inspection and moisture prevention. Inadvertently destroying (changing) the planning of the powder suction pump during the cleaning process, contact us to exchange the suction pump in time, and the dilution pressure is too large. The dilution air pressure is not closed or the dilution air pressure regulating valve may be leaking. Remove and check the output gas of the dilution air tube. The injection pressure is very large. The internship feels that the output air pressure is still very small (northern winter). It is mostly because of the water freezing in the compressed air, and the hot air blown by the electric hair dryer. Some of the valve body metal of each pressure regulating valve is iced off. Too much powder, the injection pressure is too high, perhaps the fluid pressure is too low, the air pressure is properly adjusted, the spray gun is handy, the grounding of the whole system (host, workpiece) is poorly grounded, the system ground wire must be grounded, the human body is charged, the spray gun The grounding wire is not well grounded. The electrostatic charge absorbed by the human body cannot be drained and piled up in time. Check the ground wire of the spray grab, hold the fire when spraying, the grounding of the workpiece is poor, and the surface of the hanger hook is too much solidified. Check the grounding of the workpiece. , the hook hanger is installed, the spray gun is too close to the workpiece, the spray gun and the workpiece must be kept at a certain interval, the spray gun current response control circuit has shortcomings, the contact professional checks the repair pinhole, the output voltage is too high, and the workpiece is too close to the breakdown powder coating. The surface of the layered workpiece is oily and dusty. After curing, it will form a shrinkage hole, and the gap is extraordinarily serious. The mixing of powders with different ingredients can constitute a variety of unexpected situations. The surface of the bubble workpiece is composed of water, oil, etc., which is evaporated by heat.

Paint film attached force, the oxide film of the surface of the workpiece with rust, water, oil, dust, dust is not removed.

The baking temperature of the workpiece can’t be high or the baking time is not long, paying attention to the interval between the temperature of the oven and the bearing temperature of the workpiece. The trigger resistance is too large, the trigger top screw adjustment is not suitable, the trigger return spring is too hard, adjust the trigger top screw, and return spring.

Workpiece corner drawing, the spray gun voltage too high, the electrostatic voltage of the electrostatic spray is not as high as possible.

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