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Composition of Semi-Automatic Spraying Line

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The spraying process of semi-automatic spraying equipment is: pretreatment, on-line, double station manual spraying, high-temperature curing, solidification, cooling and offline spraying.The workpiece is automatically walking with the spray chain. When the room is sprayed at a double station, two sprays are sprayed with one spray gun. The workpiece is cured automatically through the constant temperature curing bake after the spraying room is sprayed to complete the curing.

Advantages: when spraying a single variety of workpieces in large quantities, it can greatly reduce the manual cost and single piece energy consumption of single piece, and has a great daily production capacity. The investment is much lower than that of the full automatic spraying line, and the maintenance cost and difficulty are much lower; it is close to the production capacity of the automatic spraying line.

Shortcoming: it is not suitable for small batch spraying of special-shaped workpiece. Too little batch will still cause high energy consumption of single piece so that the cost of spraying is too high; when the speed of spraying line is faster and the continuous spraying time is long, the labor strength of the spraying operator is very high.

Through this article, I hope you have some understanding of semi-automatic spraying equipment.

Hope this article can help you.



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