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Conveyor System

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*Structural characteristics:

1. Based on customer needs, provide the corresponding optimal design

2. Fine workmanship to ensure operational stability

3. Highly automated process to increase efficiency

* How to design an optimal solution?

1. Comprehensive analysis of customer cost budget and capacity requirements, select manual and automatic modes accordingly;

   Lubrication method: manual, automatic

   Loading method: manual, automatic

2. Comprehensive analysis of workpiece material, weight, size, shape and other factors, select the ground rail, hanging rail mode and design the optimal running length and speed;

3. Comprehensive analysis of customer's requirements for workpiece processing efficiency, select different degrees of automation.

* How to achieve fine workmanship, optimize the design, and achieve stable operation?

1. The track material is forged or steel, which is firm and durable;

2. All sheet metal materials and shaped parts, all lasers are off the assembly line, the tolerance is less than  0.2 mm;

3. Welding in the mold to ensure that the flange is perpendicular to the four corners of the track;

4. The entrance is treated with a knife angle, and the edge of the track is free of burrs;

5. The seam is no stuck;

6. Docking, lap jointing, turning range, etc., smooth processing;

7. Safety device design, extending chain life and reducing maintenance costs, including the tensile device, stuck automatic stopping device, overload automatic stopping device, etc.;

8. The overload protection device is optional, reducing the chain operation failure rate;

9. The drive with torque limiter is optional and can be started after troubleshooting.

10. Speed control system optional: speed control motor, stepless frequency conversion (0.5-10 m / min), PLC + computer programming + inverter


Different automation conveyor chains


*Single chain operation 

*Ring closed operation 

*Power and free overhead conveyor chain operation

Small occupying area, low energy consumption, flexible automation (direction switching, parallel operation)

Automatic conveyor system

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