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Development and overview of vertical aluminum powder coating for industrial aluminum profiles

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Industrial aluminum profile powder coating is a dry surface treatment procedure. After the fine pigment particles are electrostatically treated, they are sprayed on the product to form a coating, which is solidified to form a solid coating after curing.

    Since powder coating has:

    1) The surface is beautiful, durable, scratch-resistant, chemically resistant to attack, and UV-resistant;

    2) Environmental protection, no waste liquid discharge;

    3) Perfect corner coverage;

    4) Uniform color and wide range of spray colors;

    5) The thickness is easy to control and thus is widely used.

    Powder coatings and coatings began in the late 1930s. The aluminum profile was initially sprayed onto the metal surface in a molten state by flame spraying, which is the beginning of the powder coating. Until the 1950s, after the invention of the invented powder bed coating process in Germany, the powder coating and coating process were greatly developed. China's powder coating started relatively late. In 1989, Jiangsu Changzhou Huayi Aluminum Profile Factory introduced the US Nordson powder coating equipment. It is the first industrial aluminum powder coating in China, but with the economic reform and opening up, industrial aluminum powder coating Technology has developed rapidly in China. In the early days, horizontal production lines were used. However, with the development of economic technology, Italy and Japan first introduced vertical spraying production lines and began to use them extensively. Industrial aluminum profile vertical powder coating production line has developed into a mature product, from the previous treatment of the ironing, drying to the uniformity of the powder coating, and the curing effect to reach the advanced level abroad, due to the vertical line area Small, the operation is less, the uniformity of the powder spray, and the solidified layer of the aluminum profile all achieve perfect results.

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