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Difference between Automatic Powder Coating Equipment and Manual Painting Equipment

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With the development of society and the progress of industry, the painting line should be accelerated, where the quality of painting, productivity and good adaptability are one of the main painting methods in the current painting production. Painting is the process of spraying paint on the surface of materials such as plates. Depending on the degree of automation of the technology, painting can be divided into manual and automatic painting. Let's discuss the difference between automatic and manual painting equipment.

Automatic Powder Coating Equipment  

1. Manual coating mainly uses the operator to directly coat the surface of the product, while automatic coating uses the coating equipment to drive the gun to move and make the gun perform various coating actions automatically.

2. Automatic Powder Coating Equipment's spraying trajectory is accurate and does not produce deviation, avoiding the uncontrollability of traditional spraying manual operation, spraying a high quality coating film with little error and high stability.

3. Since the automatic coating line is an automated production, it can achieve 24-hour coating and stable production speed.

4. Automatic Powder Coating Equipment can qualitatively and quantitatively control the amount of coating, reduce the waste of coating and prolong the filter life. Secondly, Automatic Powder Coating Line is an automated production, which requires less workers than manual coating line and can save more labor and material cost.

Powder Coating Line

5. The volatile organic compounds in the paint and the dust in the spray booth can seriously affect the health of workers. Automatic spraying lines are usually equipped with environmental protection treatment equipment, which makes the industrial production of spraying more environmentally friendly.

Manual Powder Coating Equipment 

1. Automatic Powder Coating Equipment , especially imported equipment, is expensive, which makes the investment cost of enterprises high, so many manufacturers still choose manual to relieve the pressure.

2. Due to the small scale of production and low economic efficiency, there is not enough money and budget to invest in equipment. In order to avoid the risk of high cost and low return on investment, they can only continue to use the manual spraying operation.

3. Manual spraying allows for quick installation and replacement of parts, greatly reducing maintenance time.

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