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Difference between powder spraying and fluorocarbon spraying

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Electrostatic spraying: powder spray and fluorocarbon spraying, powder spraying raw materials are: polyurethane, polyamine resin, epoxy resin, hydroxyl polyester resin and epoxy / polyester resin, can be prepared in a variety of colors. Spraying equipment is manual, automatic hanging, construction is simple, coating thickness is more than 30 microns, impact resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance and so on, the price of paint is cheaper than fluorocarbon. The biggest weakness of powder spray is to fear the sun's ultraviolet radiation. Long term exposure will result in natural fading. The color difference between the aluminum plate and the non positive side is obvious after a few years. Generally, the obvious color difference is produced in 2-5 years. Now appearing on the market name of color for aluminum, aluminum doors and windows, is to use ordinary aluminum powder coating and. Increase the color varieties of aluminum doors and windows, at the same time, enhance the corrosion resistance.   


Another electrostatic spraying liquid spraying, also called fluorocarbon spraying called curium oil, Hongkong. It belongs to high-grade spray, and the price is high. It has been applied abroad. It has been widely used for aluminum plate curtain wall in recent two years in China. Because of its excellent characteristics, it is attracting more and more attention from architecture industry and users. Fluorocarbon spraying has excellent anti decoloration, anti frost resistance, anti air pollution (acid rain and so on) corrosion, strong anti ultraviolet ability, strong anti crack and able to withstand bad weather environment. It's not as good as the general paint.

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