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Dip tank equipment for pretreatment

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For the best powder coating results, the surface of the workpiece you will be spraying must be clean. The clean metal itself can be powder coated immediately, but it will not give you excellent durability and corrosion protection. Good pre-treatment allows the powder coating to better bond to the metal, withstand external weathering and prevent rusting of the workpiece. Pre-treatment can bring better results to the workpiece and you should always consider adding metal pre-treatment to the coating process.

The pretreatment method is divided into liquid processing and dry processing.

Hanna offers you reasonable and economical pretreatment methods to clean your workpiece.

According to the product size, different processing forms can be selected, the structure is reasonable and the ideal use effect can be achieved.

Depending on the quality and type of metal, different cleaning and pre-treatment methods should be considered. You should also be aware of the results you want to achieve and the requirements of your customers. The most common types of metal cleaning and pretreatment are water washing, degreasing, pickling, phosphating and sand blasting.

Immersion TypeIt is suitable for rusty serious workpiece degreasing and setting the trachea in the film groove. It can be adjusted between room temperature and 200°C

       A:Washing: Pressure washing, water washing or automatic cleaning is the most effective way to clean the metal before the next finishing stage. Steam cleaning or hot water helps to separate the oil and can be washed into the grooves or gaps of the workpiece.

B:Degreasing: Degreasing is the best way to clean the metal of oil, wax, or other substances to prevent the powder from sticking to the metal. For example, no degreasing pretreatment can cause difficulties in subsequent phosphating processes.

C:Pickling: Pickling metals with acidic product chemicals to promote adhesion of the powder coating to smooth or difficult to adhere to the metal. Aluminum is usually a very smooth substrate and therefore requires some surface treatment to remove oxidation and etch the surface.

D:Phosphating: Phosphating is used to improve the corrosion resistance of products. Iron phosphate is the most commonly used pretreatment method. This is a good way to improve powder adhesion and double or triple the powder's own corrosion resistance. It is the most common chemical pretreatment in the pure steel manufacturing process.

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