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Does the painting process need to design a flow chamber?

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1. Adopt manual and no-line painting method:

HANNA Coating Recommendation: Before putting the product into the oven, let the sprayed product stand still for 5~10 minutes (this is called cold leveling) in a dust-free environment and then put it into the fixed oven for baking. Generally, the ordinary one-component paint is baked. In about 15 minutes, the two-component paint should be baked for 30~45 minutes, the temperature is set to 70 degrees, and the temperature can be plus or minus 5 degrees. The product must be packaged after cooling (although the temperature of the baking is also related to the material and structure of the product. , determine the final oven temperature after verification according to the situation)

2. Painting method of manual production line and painting line with tunnel oven:

HANNA painting recommendation: multi-section temperature control in the oven on the assembly line, 1~3 meters in front of the assembly line can not have furnace temperature, the temperature of each subsequent oven is set from bottom to high, and each section can be increased by 5~10 degrees ( Since the oven on the assembly line is not completely enclosed, the temperature of the oven should be appropriately 10 to 20 degrees higher than the temperature of the fixed oven, depending on the product.

3. Painting method using automatic painting production line:

HANNA painting recommendation: When designing the line body (the line body is generally adjustable from 1 to 6 meters), the line speed of 5 meters per minute should be used, and the turbulent level of not less than 5 minutes should be set. Others The temperature control method is also controlled by a multi-section oven.

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