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Electrostatic spraying machine Difference between built-in and external spraying machine

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Due to the inherent differences between high-pressure external Electrostatic spraying machines and built-in models, no external Electrostatic spraying machine in the world can match the performance of a built-in model.

2. "As long as the power of an external spray gun is high enough and the voltage is high enough, you can achieve the same results as a built-in spray gun" - this statement is false and misleading.

The difference in circuit structure is where the name of the two comes from. The high-pressure external models (such as the YL-405) have their high-pressure electrostatic generation and control circuits concentrated outside the spray gun in the main box, which is almost empty. The high-pressure internal models (e.g. YL-505I.505II.505II.505IV) have their high-pressure electrostatic generation and high-pressure control circuits inside the gun, which is sealed with an inexpensive circuit module.

The spray gun on a high-pressure external electrostatic spraying machine (e.g. YL405) has a high-voltage cable that transmits the high-voltage static electricity from the main frame into the spray gun.

Electrostatic spraying machine

Electrostatic spraying machines (e.g. YL-505I.505II.505III) have no high-voltage cable on the spray gun, just a low-voltage multi-core cable connected to the main unit, which includes the drive and control cables.

A high-pressure externally mounted spraying machine has an almost empty spray gun, which is lighter and easier to operate. It can be used to spray flat surfaces and the outer surface of workpieces with simple shapes without problems. However, when you encounter workpieces with complex shapes, cavities, gaps, intersections or corners, it is easy to dew iron (without powder) in corners and cavities, gaps and other places. For all kinds of inside corners (even those with an angle of less than 90 degrees), cavities and crevices of workpieces, powder can be applied very well, and it is not easy to dew iron, especially at locations close to dead ends, which cannot be solved without the built-in spray gun. When spraying ordinary flat workpieces, the first powder application rate (powder utilisation) and the spraying speed are also significantly better than with an external gun.

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