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General Technical Conditions For Painted Car Spray Paint Room

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1. Basic requirements


1)  The paint booth shall be organized and produced in accordance with the design drawings and technical documents approved by the prescribed procedures and meet the requirements of this standard.

2) The paint room should have good flame retardant, thermal insulation and thermal insulation properties.

3) The raw materials used, purchased and spare parts shall meet the requirements of the corresponding standards, and shall be accompanied by a certificate of conformity or an certification document proving the quality of the certificate.


2. Appearance quality


1) The outer surface of the paint room should be smooth and smooth, and there must be no obvious bruises or scratches; the paint film on the surface of the coating should be uniform, and the metal substrate must be degreased.

2) All bolts and nuts should be surface treated and firmly connected.

3) The riveting surface of the parts is tight and firm, and the riveting points are even.

4)The welding points of the welding parts shall be flat and uniform, and there shall be no defects such as welding, cracking, desoldering and missing welding, and the welding slag shall be removed.

5) Assembly quality requirements.

 1*The dimensional error of the outline installation shall not be greater than 3 × 10- 3 of the nominal size.

 2*The diagonal difference shall not be greater than 3 × 10- 3 of the nominal length of the length.


3. Main system technical requirements


1) Delivery and exhaust system

1* The fan shall meet the requirements of air volume and wind pressure in the working area.

2* The fan drive motor shall be of explosion-proof type, and the medium temperature shall not be lower than 80 °C.

     When using a non-explosion-proof drive motor, the motor should be external.

3* When the total motor power exceeds 11kW, it shall not be started directly. Start-up compensation device or other corresponding starting method shall be adopted.

4* The fan casing must be marked with a direction of rotation.


2) Purification system

1* Air intake purification should use a reasonable and effective air filter.

2* Exhaust gas purification shall include paint mist filtration and harmful volatiles purification devices.


3) Heating system

 1* The burner shall have a broom delay time of not less than 10 s and shall have an ignition timeout and oil cut protection function.

 2* There should be good electrical insulation between the electric heater and the metal bracket. The insulation resistance at room temperature must not be less than 1M Ω.

 3* The connection of the electric heater to the conductor shall ensure good contact. The terminal settings should be easy to check.

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