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HanNa powder coating setup

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  HanNa powder coating setup is Experts in the field of spraying.We have years of experience in production.Our products are designed for you to customize the automatic spraying assembly line. You can customize it for example according to your needs.

  The powder coating system It is an important part of the spray line,It can also be called an electrostatic powder spraying system.Manual, automatic, manual and automatic spraying can be used. The spray material 100% is a solid powder. The free powder can be recycled and the recovery and utilization of the coating can reach 98%. The suspension transportation system has a high degree of automation. The coating has few micropores and good anticorrosion performance, and can be sprayed with thick film once.Because of the absence of organic volatiles and the waste generated by volatilization to the atmosphere, the energy consumption of powder coatings is much lower than that of liquid coatings. The electrostatic spraying equipment can produce thick film at one time, no need for repeated spraying, and no need for primer. It is faster and more efficient than the same film thickness. The static time is not needed in the coating equipment, and the equipment space can be saved. In addition, the baking time of powder spraying is shorter than that of liquid coating. Therefore, the consumption of fuel energy can be greatly reduced, the coating line will be shortened, and the output and production efficiency can be increased.

  Hebei Hanna Powder Coating Equipment Technology CO., LTD. has  over 28 years rich experiences of the R&D and manufacturing in China. we can include the best powder coating system.

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