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Hanna Furnace Temperature Diagram of Curing Oven.

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Curing ovenof powder coating system:

Objective: the curing oven is one of the most important equipment in the production line of powder coating equipment, and its temperature uniformity is an important index to ensure the quality of the coating.The heating way of the oven is: radiation, hot air circulation and radiation and so on. According to the production plan can be divided into single and through type. The equipment form has straight through and bridge type. Hanna hot air circulation oven furnace has good heat preservation, uniform temperature in the oven furnace and less heat loss. After testing, the temperature difference in the furnace is less than ± 5 C, reaching the performance index of the similar products of the advanced countries.

The curing oven is a kind of thermal processing equipment which is designed to improve the strength and durability of the material by accelerating a desirable chemical reaction. In the simplest format, the curing oven achieves this by elevating the oven temperature of a sample material to within or above a specific limit. This might be enough to enhance the physiochemical linkages within the material and improve the mechanical characteristics of the product. 

Curing Oven Diagram

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