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Hanna Technology's on-site production and installation management methods for spraying lines

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The quality of powder coating equipment is fundamentally the most important part of the production phase. Therefore, in the production stage, the quality control is strict, in order to produce a better powder coating equipment.The quality of production must be the first priority. The key is to use and operate the project. As a qualified project manager, of course, we must plan together. The project is very practical, mainly the progress and quality of the project, the supply of materials, the matching of personnel, and External coordination interfaces, even cost control, are important.


  As soon as you mentioned the on-site management, I think of the TPS that we are implementing every day. The various IE tools and methods are still worth learning.


On-site management methods:


1, construction safety management. This is very important. From hoisting, electricity, labor insurance. Fire prevention must strictly abide by the regulations.


2, the control of the on-site installation progress, if the site is only responsible for the installation, then we must control the progress of the factory production. In many cases, the progress of the on-site installation is delayed because the time for the production of semi-finished products has been delayed, and the delivery date of the purchased parts must be followed up at any time. Don't trust the delivery period of those suppliers.


3, quality requirements, it depends on the standards of your company, or the standards of Party A. The requirements of non-standard equipment manufacturers are too different.


4, on-site meeting is a must, so that you can get more information about the operation of the project. The cycle of the meeting is needed.


5, the progress of the control recommendations or use more reports, so that you can clearly get more accurate information.


  There are too many engineering projects involved in on-site installation of the spraying line. The progress is also to follow up the progress of Party A's water, electricity, gas and other related supporting projects, or it will affect the final overall production.


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