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High Efficiency Fast Automatic Color Change Powder Spraying Room

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Fast automatic color change powder spraying room

1. Powder recovery equipment (commonly known as spray powder room) :

By the Chambers, powder spraying gun, automatic reciprocating engine, for powder equipment, recycling equipment, such as convulsions device and electric control parts.

In order to obtain high recovery efficiency and speed of change color, can use big cyclone level of recycling and cartridge recycling, recycling wind downy, spurting out of the gun powder in addition to the part to be absorbed by the workpiece, the excess powder under the action of fan, cyclone barrels are recycled by recycled to the sifting machine, ultrafine powder by filter secondary suction apply, through the electromagnetic pulse valve back to make powder falls off, fall into the recycling bins for fully recycling, recycling utilization rate of 95%, recovery methods is easy to change color, simple cleaning, cover an area of an area small, etc.

2. Paint recycling equipment (commonly known as spray paint room) :

By the Chambers, water board, the water pump line, convulsions equipment, purification equipment, electronic components, etc. Water spray room is the use of water at the bottom of the plate, vortex rolled plate and baffle plate finish to filter paint mist, the waste gas purifying effect. Work, including paint mist air in fan under the action of gravity, the overflow tank water, formation water and the surface of the pool right in front of the water, paint mist will encounter water or pool surface adsorption by water, under the secondary impact of vortex volume fell into the water accumulated in the tank. Without touching the water mist from the lower part of water back into the spray chamber, the spray jet spray irrigation, secondary collect paint mist. Paint with water spray mist in dehydration indoor from collision and form containing paint fog droplets of water, falling into dehydrated the bottom of the chamber to sink deposited, after the separation of the air by the fan discharge outside. This part belongs to air emissions, conditional can be mounted to the box or waste gas purification equipment, the waste gas of benzene, toluene, xylene and other harmful substance content processing to GB 16297-1996 national emission standard.

powder recovery equipment

spray paint room

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