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Horizontal type powder coating equipment for expanded wire mesh

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Today an Egypt customer come to visit our factory. Very profesional in the production of the expanded wire mesh and very interested in our horizontal type powder coating equipment.  It impressed him a lot that we had such professional and young team for the techinical designs. We had professional design, tailor powder coating equipment production lines for users, from equipment production to equipment installation and use, our professional team will track and maintain mechanical equipment performance and use effect, help customers to manage production process, help customer process management standards, he is satisfied about that.

In his initial plan, he tends to buy a completely automatic powder coating line for expaned wire mesh, including the cleaing drying,painting,the curing process.  However, because the expanded wire mesh is in rolls and the length is about 10m, if all the process be in one line, then there will be the twist and flat problems in the surface of the expanded wire mesh, thus will influnce the coating effect on the surface.  Our techincians suggest the cleaning system be separated from the painting process, then the first line for the cleaning and drying process, then second line for the painting process, the two lines will work better than the single line.  He agrees and then we start the talk on the details of the powder coating line, such as the heat sources, the electricity usage, the brand for the motor, the working conditons, the painting details, the installation process,etc.  He is very happy to communicate with us and provide more details for the project. We do believe that a great chance to cooperate and would like to thank all of our customers for the sincere trust and support.

Horizontal spraying (6)

Pollution free operation.

*Safe to operate

*Maximum recovery efficiency.


*Quick colour change.


26 patentsIt solves the problems of equipment occupying space and Insufficient factory spaceIncrease production capacity and reduce cost.  From raw materials to finished machines, we produce them in our own factory, which saves the middleman and greatly reduces the cost. The company has a professional research and development team, which consists of 35 people, 

specially for the customer to solve any difficulties and other problems.   Welcome to visit our factory !

horizontal powder coating equipment


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