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How should the powder coating line be maintained in daily life?

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The powder coating equipment is becoming more and more extensive. When we use powder coating machine, we must pay attention to its daily maintenance, so that it can not only improve its working efficiency, but also reduce the frequency of fault occurrence and extend its service life. The good maintenance of the whole powder coating line will make it more efficient.

1. Check the handover record before going to work, check whether the operation buttons of the electric box are at zero, and fill the oil on the two fuel cups on the track chain of the automatic line. Check the water level of the cooling water tank of the oven, check the oil level of the automatic line chain, check the compressed air pipe and valve, check the oil supply line and valve, and turn off all the power control box doors after starting.

2., Attention should be paid to the operation sound, the temperature, liquid level, electrical system, air pressure, instrument and signal, and safety insurance of the equipment. If there is any abnormality, report it immediately.

3. Turn off the power switch after work, all operation button put to zero. Coating powder and dirt in the spray platform must be cleaned up, filter element is blown two times with pulse plate, dust collection bag, with air guns to drain core external purge, drain core monthly change a change, drain core clean up in the sun after close to prepare for the next exchange, clean up the dust hood on combustion, burning oil cup, cleaning nozzle, oil pump filter once a month, every week to check a roof exhaust pipe, such as smoke for electrical adjustment of combustion machine. Clean up the electric motor, water pump, box, dust on the box. Cleaning the drainage ditch, the solid matter in the drainage ditch must be cleaned out, and the sewage water treatment system is prohibited. The baker blower is injected once a month with butter, and the spray head in the box is cleaned once a month with the storage tank. Add a high temperature butter to the automatic line chain once a week. Clean the drying and curing channels once every quarter. Arrange accessories and tools.

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