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How should the spray gun equipment be maintained?

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The structure of the spray gun is simple and easy to use, but it must be used correctly. There are many factors that affect the use of the spray gun, such as painted objects, painting materials, and even seasons. The key to the use of the spray gun is: the control of the adjustment knob, the grasp of the spray distance and the speed of the spray gun, as well as the overlapping of the adjacent coatings, wherein the spray distance, the spray gun operation mode and the spray pattern overlap are sprayed three. The principle is also the basis of the spraying technology, which must be well known and strictly observed.


Spray gun maintenance and use

    The spray gun is a very important equipment in automotive painting. Its structure is precise and the investment cost is also large. However, if the spray gun is used and properly maintained, the coating quality and service life will be much longer. Proper use and maintenance of the spray gun is a basic skill that every painter must have.

1. Gun use and maintenance points:

(1) Always check the needle valve, gasket, air valve gasket seal book for leaks, and replace it when there is leakage; always apply oil to the gasket to make it soft and easy to slide.

(2) The thread of the air cap of the gun, the adjustment knob of the paint and the knob of the air conditioner should be oiled frequently to ensure the flexibility of the movement; the spring of the ejector pin and the air valve should also be coated with lubricating oil to prevent rust and facilitate sliding. .

(3) Do not disassemble the spray gun. When disassembling, it should be noted that the rectangular parts should not be covered with rubbish and paint. The air cap and nozzle should not have any damage. After assembly, adjust to the initial appearance, pull the trigger to test the air and The spray effect of the paint.

(4) The spray gun should be inspected thoroughly before use to ensure that the gun is in good condition before it can be used.

(5), the use of the spray gun should avoid collision with the object to be coated or fall on the ground, otherwise it will cause permanent damage and can not be used.

(6) When the work is suspended, the spray gun head should be immersed in the solvent to prevent the paint from drying and blocking the nozzle; however, the entire spray gun should not be completely immersed in the solvent, which will damage the sealing gasket of each part, resulting in Leakage and leakage of paint.

(7) After the spray gun is used, it should be cleaned in time, otherwise the paint passage will be blocked (especially 2K paint), which will be difficult to clean or even use later. After washing the spray gun, connect the paint tube and the compressed air tube for test spraying, and adjust the fan profile of the spray gun. The angle of the manual air spray gun is 70-80 degrees. If there is any problem, report it to the maintenance.

The most important thing to maintain a spray gun is to clean it in time after use. This is the best preventive measure to prevent the gun from malfunctioning.


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