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How to choose the automobile painting room equipment?

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With the rapid development of China's auto industry , the soaring demand for cars , how to choose the equipment to become the focus of car painting room. So, how to choose the car spraying painting room equipment?


1, appearance, design beautiful and generous, fine workmanship. The configuration is high standard, and the main components are assembled by original imported parts.


2, the housing material should be well insulated, with great strength and corrosion resistance. It has good weather ability, long service life and high bulk density of thermal insulation materials.

3、送排风系统要设计科学,功率配比合理正确,保持室内无尘工作。 空气过滤要好,净化度高,过滤材料要选用优质进口立体胶高效过滤棉。

3, the design of the sending and exhausting system should be scientific, and the power ratio is reasonable and correct, so that indoor dust free work is maintained. Air filtration is better and cleanliness is high. Filter material should be imported with high quality and effective filtration cotton.

4, the design of the housing structure is reasonable, the wall sealing effect is good, there should not be the accumulation of paint dust at the joint. The heating system should use better flame retardant and thermal insulation material, and have good sealing effect, high heat utilization rate, safe and reliable.

5、升温速度快,烤漆房时室温从20℃升至60℃ ,自动化程度高,能自动恒温漆,自动关机,超温报警,缺相保护,故障自检等。

5, fast heating speed, the room temperature from 20 degrees to 60 degrees C, high automation, automatic thermostat, automatic shutdown, overtemperature alarm, phase protection, fault self inspection and so on.


6, when choosing the paint room equipment, it depends on whether the manufacturer has good after-sales service, which is also a key aspect for the owners. 





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