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How to choose the spray gun in the electrostatic spray equipment?

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In the contemporary society, the continuous advancement of science and technology and the rapid development of society have led to the development of electrostatic spray equipment. The development of electrostatic spray lines has brought great convenience to everyone, especially when the smart spray gun is on the market. It has been favored by all walks of life, but it has also made many customers have made it difficult to choose a high-quality spray gun. The new moon painting will answer the questions you need to pay attention to when choosing a spray gun.


In the selection of electrostatic spray guns, we must first consider the professionalism of the manufacturer, and a regular manufacturer with professional technology can produce high-quality products. Electrostatic spray guns often have high technical requirements. There is no professional technology. The produced products are sprayed unevenly, and the static electricity generation effect is not good. The industrial requirements are not met, and the spraying effect is not beautiful, which may even affect the production of the enterprise. Therefore, we must choose a professional manufacturer in the selection.

Secondly, it is necessary to look at the professional technology of the manufacturer to produce spray guns. After 28 years of research and exploration, Hanna Technology combines the advanced technology of Italy. The newly developed smart spray gun has high safety performance and is durable. The unique circuit board design makes the oscillation frequency reach 17KHZ. Enhance the adhesion of the powder and the powder on the dead corner of the workpiece to achieve a perfect spray effect. With the continuous improvement of our electrostatic spray equipment process, we can apply a thick coating on the surface of our products at one time, and have high corrosion resistance.

There are many points to pay attention to when choosing a high-quality spray gun. We are proficient in electrostatic spray technology with rich production experience and professional technical experts. We will treat users as you are friends and explain everything you encounter. The problem is to help you solve all the difficulties you have encountered. Hanna Technology has been focusing on the design and manufacture of spray equipment for 28 years. With rich experience and perfect pre-sales and after-sales service, the products have been sold to more than 60 countries and regions at home and abroad. It is not our goal to have products all over the world, but The driving force for us to move forward!

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