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How to judge the quality of powder coating equipment

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Appearance recognition method: 1. hand feel hand induction for silk smooth, loose, floating. Rough hand, heavy hand, heavy hand. Grasp a powder in the hands, the powder more slippery and loose, the quality is good, the powder is rough, bad quality, poor quality. Not easy to spray, two times a lot of powder, big wave fee. The bigger the 2. volume, the smaller the filling material in powder paint. The less the 2. volume, powder dope filling material, the smaller the powder paint, the smaller the powder paint, the smaller the powder paint, the smaller the powder paint, the smaller the powder paint, the smaller the powder paint, the smaller the powder paint, and the smaller the powder dope filling material gets, the "the less" the powder paint is the less The higher the cost, the better the powder quality. The smaller the volume, the higher the filling material in the powder coating, the lower the cost and the worse the powder quality. The same cardboard box, the size of the powder, the fine powder, the small size of the home, the powder, the two times the powder, the large waste, the low spraying area, the high cost of the use. The 3. storage time is good. The powder can be stored for a long time, powder leveling and other effects are constant. The powder can not be stored for a long time. The difference of powder can not be changed for 3 months and the other effects are worse. The quality of the normal powder at normal temperature is 12 months, the quality of the low-end raw materials is unstable and metamorphosed. After half a year, the surface will accelerate the aging and influence the reputation of the customers. Besides, the powder is not easy to store, which will cause great waste to the customers and much expense.


Two. Spray area identification method: the resin content of the spray area normal powder should be around 55-65%, the resin is about 20 yuan /KG, the filling material is about 2 yuan. Some bad powder factories use the resin content below 45% below to fill up, increase the filling material to reduce the cost and reduce the spraying area. Comparison method: two homohomohomologous Powder spraying of the same product, see that one's powder spray products more, that one is less spray products, less spray product is poor, high cost. For the use of manufacturers, the spray area is less, the use cost is high. According to 6 square meters per kilogram powder spray, each little spray of one square, equivalent to 3-6 more per kilogram powder manufacturer. Yuan, it is recommended that manufacturers use authentic powder and carefully calculate their actual use cost.

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